Use MediaMonster's LED Daytime Display as a video screen to watch live simulcasts of your favorite sporting events!

How to get SPONSORS
to help offset costs:
To help deferr expences look for local or national sponsors using the value of our NEW technology based mobile video display. The large value added and up sale revenue potential offered to new or existing sponsors is provided in the ability to display various visual content anytime, day or night. Think of it this way; IT'S A HUGE MOBILE DAYTIME COMMERCIAL!

Sponsors will see they'll get the BANG for their Buck through our mobile daytime visual media, your unique event and the huge crowds you attract.

Take a look at our sponsorship form to help you drive sponsors to your event. Feel free to download, copy, tweak or customize our form in order to help with your sponsorship drive.

Click for Downloadable Form:

Now serving the entire US with offices in:

Eastern US Headquarters: Springfield, OH - (866) 323-2930 - Email:
[ Call East Coast for events in Central or Eastern Time Zone ]

Western US Headquarters: Hollywood, CA - Email:
[ Contact the West Coast for events in Mountain or Pacific Time Zone ]

Canadian Headquarters: British Columbia, Canada - (206) 409-7748

 Florida Headquarters: DeLand, FL - (866) 323-2930 - Email:

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